The Fifth Quarter - Chargers Game Recap

In what might ultimately prove to be a playoff elimination game, the Steelers squeaked out a last second win on the road over the San Diego Chargers. The team could ill-afford to fall to 0-3 in the AFC with the Chargers holding a head-to-head tiebreaker. At The Bell, Le'Veon saved the day and perhaps the season if only by inches.

The forward pass
for·ward pass - noun: 1. a pass thrown from behind the line of scrimmage in a forward direction, toward opponent's goal line.

Week 5 AFC Power Rankings by LifeLongSteel

Injured QB’s, Kicking woes and a contender gets a second life

Here we go:

The Undefeated

1 (LW: 1) Patriots (3-0) - I expect a significant trouncing of the Cowboys this week. I haven’t checked, but BB is approximately 197-0 coming off a bye week. And now they see Weeden. Dion Lewis might be worth a play in your DraftDuel competition.

SBI (Steelers Best interest) Week 5 By Swissvale72


The Fifth Quarter - Ravens Rewind

Tomlin's Gut

Steelers Defeat Steelers 23-20 OT

Week 4 AFC Power Rankings by LifeLong Steel

In the moment of Ben's injury last week, convinced that he was out for the season, I was reminded just how little I care about things like Ben's standing in the ever debated QB hierarchy, or AB/Bell's stats, or discussions about the Dri Archer draft pick. I really care about the Steelers playing meaningful games and winning. That's really it. Get well soon big guy.

SBI (Steelers Best interest) Week 4 By Swissvale72

SBI Week 4: Michael Vick Time (Woof Woof!!)

The Fifth Quarter - Rams Recap

A Defensive Win

AFC Power Rankings After Week 2 by LifeLongSteel

Another week. Another batch of turmoil in the AFC. All good news for the Steelers. 3 of the 5 preseason favorites to represent the AFC in the SB have serious troubles or questions. Colts 0-2 with a horrendous OL. Ravens 0-2 and it looks like they are hung over from their offseason player and coach losses. Broncos are 2-0, but easily could be 0-2. Manning looks shot.

The Fifth Quarter-49ers Rewind by Steel Perch

Is AB the best player in football?


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