Week 12 AFC Power Rankings by LifeLongSteel

It’s the time of year to give thanks, and we have a lot to be thankful for as the season heads into the stretch run. From where I sit, the Steelers are not a great team, but I also don’t see a single great team in the NFL. Bovada has moved the Steelers super bowl odds down to 10/1, which is only behind the Pats, Cards, Panthers and Packers.

In the spirit of giving thanks, let’s rank em’:

SBI (Steelers Best interest) Week 12 by Swissvale72


Week 11 AFC Power Rankings by LifeLongSteel

It took a while, but the primary flaws of the former #2 and #3 contenders finally made their now seemingly obvious appearances this past week. Walking Dead Manning showed up on Sunday. Primetime Dalton showed up Monday night.

The Fifth Quarter: A Pale Grey Rider

The 1983 Pittsburgh Steelers season got off to a great start on the scoreboard-- despite the uncertainty about Terry Bradshaw's elbow surgery and reinjury during training camp and even with pedestrian Cliff Stoudt behind center, the team got off to a 9-2 start. However, with the loss of top target John Stallworth and the decline of Franco Harris, playing in his final Pittsburgh campaign, the Steelers dropped three ugly games in a row, dropping their record to 9-5 and putting them in danger of losing out in the division and perhaps even missing out on a playoff spot.

SBI (Steelers Best interest) Week 11 by Swissvale72

I HATE the Bye Week

True story. Possessing a fantasy roster with Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick and Colin Kaepernick at QB, I spent a couple dollars, added Landry Jones to my roster and threw him into the fray this week. Then, I cheered loudly as #7 entered the contest in place of the injured backup. What a performance by Big Ben in affording the Steelers only their second semi-relaxing win of the ’15 campaign.

Body Bags, Stretchers, & CPR

The Steelers invented and survived a new NFL classic: the knockout shootout, with a 38-35 win over their doppelgangers, the Oakland Raiders.

This win was in the bag when: Antonio Brown caught a slant from Landry Jones and turned it into a 57 yard gain, deep into Raiders territory in the final minute of play.

The good news is: The Steelers now are in the top wild card position, with a tiebreaker win over the Raiders... a team that just might be in contention for the other wild card slot.

SBI (Steelers Best interest) Week 10 by Swissvale72

SBI: Week 10…No Crying in Football

AFC Power Rankings Week 9

The 5th Quarter by Bradshaw2Ben


SBI (Steelers Best interest) Week 9 by Swissvale72

Ordinarily, I’m penning this humble column following the conclusion of all NFL football for the weekend. Not so this week. Unable to contain my angst following the heart-wrenching loss to the Cinci Bungles, this essay comes to you in the 2nd half of Sunday’s 4:25 starts. When the proprietor chooses to release it to the SteelerFury masses, is, as always, his call.

There’s a few items of note about Sunday’s game and about the 2015 edition of the Pittsburgh Steelers generally:


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