A Tale Of (At Least) Two Teams

Let me fall on this grenade.

Let me fall on this grenade.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are not as good as they were in Washington, not as good as they were vs Kansas City, definitely not as good as they looked on paper in the offseason. They are also not as bad as they played vs Philadelphia, Miami, or Baltimore. If I had to summarize where they are at for the season to this point, I'd have to point at yesterday: this is who we are.

The Fifth Quarter

The Fifth Quarter At The Quarter Pole
OK, actually the season is 31% gone but close enough, right? I'll start by apologize for slacking on production of this article. Demands on my time have gotten to the point that I struggle to find

Steelers Best Interest (SBI) Week 3 by Swissvale72

During and after a very big, very important, very compelling early-season AFC North victory, this humble writer cannot help but be drawn to the historic complaints from the readership that comprise this esteemed website's identity.

2016 Steelers Training Camp Info

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State of The Steelers Franchise, 2016

Now that we've had a couple of weeks to accept the end of the season and being to see it more objectively, here's my breakdown of where we're at, where the issues are going forward, and how they might be fixed.

In order from least to most troublesome and/or biggest issues:

20. K Shaun Suisham, Chris Boswell, Ty Long
Suisham has to be thanked for his wonderful service and then cut. Boswell is literally the most solid kicker I've ever seen in a Steelers uniform. If he can keep improving his craft and maintaining his confidence, the sky is the limit.

SBI (Steelers Best Interest) Championship Weekend by Swissvale72


SBI (Steelers Best Interest) Divisional Playoffs Week by Swissvale72

SBI: Divisional Round….Playoff Heartbreak

My capable counterparts on this esteemed website, B2B & SP, have done a credible job in maintaining perspective on the Pittsburgh Steelers, recognizing the accomplishments of the 2015 edition, and taking the long-view with encouragement and optimism. I’m going to do no such thing. I’m going to gnash my teeth, mire myself in agony and bemoan what might have been.

The Fifth Quarter: Last Man Down

The barely alive, undermanned, and counted out Pittsburgh Steelers controlled almost all of a hard-fought Divisional playoff game against the heavily-favored #1 seed-- but a defense and QB that ran out of gas and miracles just shy of the finish line ended their quest for Lombardi #7.

SBI (Steelers Best interest) Wild Card Week by Swissvale72


Nearly 10 years ago to the day that the Pittsburgh Steelers vanquished the Cincinnati Bengals (aptly, then, now and forevermore referred to as Bungals) in a Wild Card Playoff game, much to the consternation of the moronic and jealous Cincinnati fan base, the Steelers stole another one from the Cincinnatians in their building, the 14th time that the Black & Gold has emerged victorious in the past 16 affairs, and the second time with the most recent four weeks.

The Fifth Quarter: The Magnificent Seven

Last night in Cincinnati, they shot a 70mm SuperPanavision Wild Western Sci-Fi morality play spectacular, replete with spectacular villainry terrorizing all that is right and good with the world and being rewarded for their gratuitous violence with the ultimate prize. Could it be that sometimes the bad guys win? Could the worst, most hateful antihero could be rewarded for his disgusting evil with a death blow to the only hope? No, and hell, no. Not in a world where greatness still breathes air.


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