AFC Power Rankings: Week 16 by Lifelongsteel

The AFC power rankings have changed from a chaotic week to week mess to a stable, easy to digest list of teams led mostly by the teams with the best QB's. Last week the top 7 teams in the power rankings all won. In the process, a few contenders have dropped.

Going forward we will focus our energy on teams that are still alive in the playoff hunt. Here we go:

SBI (Steelers Best Interest) Week 16 by Swissvale72

Down the Stretch They Come….

The Preamble

The Fifth Quarter - TEAM

The Fifth Quarter - T-E-A-M

AFC Power Rankings: Week 14 by Lifelongsteel

It took until the 13th game of the season for the AFC to take some semblance of shape. Very little movement in the rankings between week 13 and week 14. Here we go with last weeks ranking in parenthesis:

The top two seeds

SBI (Steelers Best Interest) Week 15 by Swissvale72

The Pittsburgh Steelers meandered down the Ohio River on Sunday, exited at Paul Brown Stadium, where they may as well own a time-share given their record of success in that venue, and emerged victorious over the Cincinnati Bengals in a gargantuan AFC North matchup. Does everyone else enjoy as much as me, the site of all those sad people in Orange & Black stripes, exiting their own stadium via those escalators, while the Black & Gold hordes pillage the place?

AFC Power Rankings by Lifelongsteel

I fully expected that this last week would act as a kind of separation Sunday (and Thursday and Monday), with the landscape of the AFC solidifying. Well the top solidified. the bottom solidified. the large middle is more confusing than ever.

Let's get this started.

The Elite

SBI (Steelers Best Interest) Week 14 by Swissvale72

It was in this humble column four weeks ago, directly following the celebratory zeal of the Sunday Night victory over Baltimore, directly following the second consecutive week where the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers hurled a half-dozen touchdown passes, that I posted the following admonition:

Don’t Screw Up

SBI (Steelers Best Interest) Week 13 by Swissvale72

SBI: Week 13

SBI (Steelers Best Interest) Week 12 by Swissvale72

I hate the Bye Week. The following is excerpted from a chapter entitled Shit I Hate about the NFL from my worst-selling publication We’re From the Town With the Great Football Team: A Pittsburgh Steelers Manifesto.

Some Thoughts Going Into the Bye


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