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 Post subject: Watt and Dupree snaps (20 total)
PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:10 pm 

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I concentrated mainly on youngsters but when dline flashed noted it.


1. Watt got swallowed on pass rush

1. Dupree beat OT had path but ball out.

2. Dupree & Watt both blocked fairly well on run play.

3. Both in coverage. Tuitt abused his guy for pressure. He looks like a beast BTW.

4. Dupree pressured Qb

4. Watt blocked well.

RC did reach out hand on play but it was minimal contact and the DPI was imho BS. RC did a good job on play.

5. Watt & Dupree held point (Watt beat TE with ease) run was quick hitter inside. TA got blown up.

6. Dupree well blocked.

6. Watt in coverage.

7. Watt Doubled and held on run play.

7. Dupree run play was away from him.

8. Watt unblocked got in on tackle with Tuitt who yet again destroyed Colts interior for TFL.

8. Dupree when he tried to go inside double teamed.

9. Dupree blocked well

9. Watt in coverage.
Grave Digger bringing the heat. Quick but he doesn't have explosion of Tuitt but his strength is nasty. Saw him bend guy in front of him almost into a pretzel.

10. Dupree and Watt both collapsed pocket and got pressures. Tuitt beat a double team with a sick inside twist (don't know how else to explain it: swim/explosion through gap between DT). If guy stays healthy look the fuck out. He is far and away most talented inside rusher for Steelers I've ever seen. Course I didn't see 70s teams...

11. Watt & Dupree both held point on inside run.

12. Both in coverage.

GD bent his guy in 2. Forced Qb out of pocket and Davis made nice play on back end.

13. Screen pass: Dupree in coverage on other side of play

13. Watt came within mms of batting down pass. He has a really good feel for this.

14. Fuck me Tuitt again. Just wow. He absolutely eviscerated his guy. Sorry but man this should give us all hope.

14. Watt nice pass rush and pressure.

14. Dupree tried to blitz inside got doubled teamed.

15. Int to Shaz play.

15. Dupree started pass rush 5 yards off LOS and by time he was beginning to get edge ball was out. Bit odd having out that far.

15. Watt in coverage.

15. O yeah that Tuitt guy beat his guy again. GD and Heyward also doing nice things but hard to watch all 3 when 1 is sticking out so damn much.

16. Run play: Watt beat block and penetrated, stumbled a bit but forced run outside where Burns and filthy (when he fucks up) red both whiffed on TFL.

16. Dupree unblocked but on far side of play.

17. Dupree on initial rush leaped to prevent pass then still got pressure. Flagged for PF. Tough to see clearly but my Steelers goggles saw arm come down on shoulder not Helmet. If he touched helmet it was glance at most.

17. Watt chipped TE throwing him off route and beat OT to edge but ball was gone. Really nice play though. Brains to chip TE hard and still make a nice pass rush? Don't see that with rookies very often.

18. Watt double teamed. He initially played it like a run (was play action) then when he began pass rush RB came in to double him.

18. Dupree in coverage.

GD beat block and had a path...

19. Run play: 84 held Watt so hard I thought he was making a pass. He twisted him around with hold.

19. Dupree on other side of play.

20. Watt double teamed but despite that made a great play swatting at ball and even though pass was completed Watt slowed ball enough to prevent a 1st down. Really heady again from Rookie.

20. Dupree in coverage.

Heyward on offset nose blew up pocket. Tuitt again beat his man this time to edge.

Overall impressions: Dupree was a bit rusty but despite that you can see improvement. He uses his hands much more and if learns to bend just a tiny bit more that 1st step will gift him a ton of things.

Watt: struggled at times rushing passer. Yet even in those struggles you can see his willingness to learn and try other moves. His move after chip block was great. Drove tackle inside then got edge. Run D wasn't as good as first two games but nothing to fret over. His football instincts are very, very good for a Rookie.

Tuitt was flashing on screen big time. He was always explosive but now he has strength to go with it. At times he was unblockable.

Grave Digger isn't far behind. His power simply overwhelms.

Heyward despite me not mentioning him much was in backfield a bunch. He just isn't as eye catching as above.

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