Defensive notes on Ravens' drives
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Author:  steelclan [ Tue Oct 03, 2017 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Defensive notes on Ravens' drives

This was mostly fun but with some mixed in frustration. I did not bother with garbage time drive that padded Ravens stats. Rats had 11 drives (sans meaningless one at the end). I looked predominantly at front 7. I was able to do so because the Raven's oline had pretty much fuck all chance to give Flacco pass pro he needed to go down the field.

Drive 1:

1. Man what a way to start. Anyone else have serious Bears WTF flash backs?
Rats got hat on hat and Williams & Davis took poor angles which opened up the red sea. Ugly start.
2. Run play: Watt held edge pushed run inside where Shaz cleaned up.
3. Boot good tackle by Wilcox. This play was made possible by Williams and Shaz running into each other left Watson wide open.
4. 3rd and short nice push by Ravens oline: 1st down.
5. Run play Dupree initially unblocked OG was nowhere near quick enough on move to block him Dupree made good play for loss in backfield.
6. Great pass rush by GD and Tuitt and a deflected pass which Rats got lucky on for gain to Wallace.
7. Pass Rush and excellent coverage could have easily been an Int.

Drive 2:
1. WR screen: Dupree read it, fought off block and slowed Camp down for others to come in and clean up
2. Run play: West bottled up initially but got the edge for nice gain. Watt had him but then got tackled inside by OG call. Shaz also held and despite that got up and stopped play from being a big gainer.
3. 3 man rush on 3rd and 2. Collapsed pocket (they did this all game) forced Flacco underneath to Maclin: Davis makes nice pass break up

Drive 3:

1. Deep pass: Burns got damn lucky. On play Burns peeked inside and Wallace left him for dead. A better throw by flacco and Wallace has 6 as there was no way Wilcox would've gotten over in time. Fortunately a poor throw and Mike Wallace hands mean't no harm done.
2. Short throw to camp over middle; Shaz does well to get him down after 6 yard gain. Pocket was collapsing on 4 man rush. Really like to see Steelers be more aggressive in underneath coverage.
3. 3rd and 4: man this pass rush was a thing of beauty. The pass rush where each player's action combined to put Flacco on the turf. 1st Watt rushes inside forces Double team, this left Shaz on running back who he beat and forced Flacco out of the pocket right into the arms of Heyward.
Steelers have pass rush and then some. I don't mind risking the odd big play due to tighter coverage because this pass rush can destroy teams.

Drive 4:
1. Run play: Dupree split double team but couldn't make play in backfield, really nice feet by Collins made something out of fuck all for 6 yards.
2. Run play: Rats got nice push opened up hole in middle easy first down for Collins.
3. Run play: speed, speed, & holy shit speed. Shaz explodes into hole tackles RB and Heyward strips.

Drive 5:
1. Blitz (Hilton); Flacco tosses screen Davis makes nice play in open field.
2. Short throw to Watson. Nice pass rush by Watt. Williams & Wilcox make tackle for decent gain.
3. Run play on 3rd and 2: Tuitt destroys it and Watt & Shaz clean up.

Drive 6: end of half drive

1. Soft as putty coverage Rats take easy 5 yards.
2. Rinse repeat. Shame because Tuitt and Dupree collapsed pocket and with any type of tighter coverage would've gotten to Flacco.
3. Rinse repeat. WTF? Easy 5 yards to sideline to Perriman. Fortunately Tucker misses FG.

Drive 7:
1. Pass play, pass rush didn't get home Flacco actually had time (rare) and Steelers blew coverage. 3 players settled on underneath guy allowed Perriman to run through zone and get wide open. Fortunately Flacco's piss poor throw & Perriman being a clueless cockwomble mean't no harm.
2. 3 man rush collapsed pocket and forced Flacco to dump underneath to Wallace who got crushed by Shaz.
3. 3rd down & long: Great coverage on back end allowed Hilton to get sack.

Drive 8:
1. Run play: starring the keystone cops. I've looked at this shit fest a number of times and it wasn't scheme, bad angles it was just fucking bizarre turn of events that I doubt happens to any team at any point again this season:

Initially Dupree does nice job setting edge and Steelers had at least 6 defenders at LOS that could've made the play then the fun began...

Davis and Williams go to same spot (no spacing) and get bowled over by a diving TE (cut block I guess?) that puts them both on ground and causes absolute mayhem. Tuitt in pursuit trips over that pile, then Shaz trips over an even bigger pile and Heyward trips over an even bigger pile. This of course mean Collins has acres to run into. Watt from back side avoids trip fest and runs down Collins to save TD. I honestly don't know what to think of this play other than to laugh at its pure comedy. A TE took out 5 Steelers with blind head first dive attempt at a cut block.

2. Pass play: Burns great coverage, Flacco nowhere to go with ball as 3 man rush was again collapsing pocket.
3. Here we go again with 3 man rush...and it wasn't Heyward, Tuitt and GD it was Walton, TA and Dupree...played zone behind (soft as fuck) and got burned. Yes Flacco made a decent throw and Wallace a nice grab but for me this was way the fuck to conservative a scheme and gave Rats a chance they should've had to earn. Wallace wasn't getting open all day unless he got free release so why give him a free release even if it is into a congested zone? Haden nearly made play but it never needed to come to that. Bad call by Butler.
4. 2 pointer as it happened this turned out to be a big play, nice penetration by Davis and Wilcox finished tackle.

Drive 9: (pack a lunch)

1. Pocket collapsed in every way possible: Heyward gets sack but could easily have gone to Tuitt or Watt. This play highlights what a gift we got in Watt. Flacco wanted to throw to his left to sideline but he had to pull ball back: why? Because Watt leapt and blocked passing lane at critical moment a mere twitch later and Heyward gets sack. Kid just does so many little things so damn well.
2. 3 man rush and Flacco had decent time. Got ball to Watson despite blanket coverage by Shaz. Really not much you can do here but tip hat.
3. Pockets collapses but that damn soft as putty zone again. Free release for Wallace finds hole and easy pitch/catch for 1st downdespite pressure. Again if Wallace is just bumped at LOS the pass rush gets home.
4. Run play: jail break penetration led by Watt and cleaned up by team mates.
5. 3 man rush...FFS. and again soft as putty zone makes for easy pitch and catch. Hargrave got triple teamed as other rushers where Walton and TA. This crap was pissing me off.
6. Run play: Watt fired in from edge to make TFL
7. 3 man rush: toss underneath to RB dropped but would've been minimal gain as Watt was right there to make tackle.
8. Here is an example of what having a good can be great dline can give you: Heyward and Tuitt attract so much attention on pass rush allowed Dupree to knife inside to blast Flacco for sack.

Drive 10:

1. Maclin beat Haden to outside for 1st down but again Haden was in soft off man coverage. Steelers blitzed but Rats only needed to block it for 2 1/2 seconds due to coverage.
2. Jail break pocket destroyed on pass play. Flacco forced to get rid of it. Tuitt causing havoc inside was catalyst.
3. Run play: Steelers box in outside zone run and Shaz & Will clean up once Collins tries to work back to inside.
4. 3rd down: great pass rush but Flacco fires it into a tiny window and despite Shaz getting hand on ball Watson makes circus catch against his back thigh. I honestly have no clue how they completed this. Just one of those plays you shrug and move on.
5. Jail break on play action boot forces Flacco to hurry though initially Watson looked open for nice gain & first but that doesn't account for a simply amazing play:
Shazier bit on play action and looked out of the play. Then with one fluid spin back towards Watson, Shazier eats up ground and while still maintaining his balance turns to make play on ball. I'll say this right now: I haven't seen anyone in the NFL outside of Troy make a play like that. It was simply an incredible play.

Drive 11 (pack a lunch x 2):
1. Run play: Shaz blows it up and team mates clean up.
2. Blitz on 2nd down pass play. It didn't get there quick enough (not sure how it could of with soft as putty zone). Flacco with easy pitch and catch to Boyle to sideline.
3. Quick out to Wallace. Burns makes tackle to keep it to 5 yard gain. If Burns looks up he would've had play on ball.
4. Quick dump to RB: Haden makes tackle but can't prevent 1st down.
5. 4 man rush (Hilton bltized) you know the rest. Tuitt blows up pocket but he can't get to Flacco in 2 fucking seconds. Soft zone: pitch and catch to Watson for 8 yards.
6. Rush 3 ...but for some reason left Dupree on island with RB and acres of space behind him. Flacco throws quick toss to Allen and Dupree makes tackles limits gain to 6 yards. It is just as well he made that tackle if he didn't Allen might get 6 and at least would've set Ravens up inside 20.
7. Screen: Hilton's Blitz destroys play.
8. Run play: Shaz tackled (still made play) gets flag and puts Ravens in 2nd down hole.
9. 4 man rush quick toss to Maclin for 7.
10. 3rd and 12: Hilton makes excellent play on Maclin after Flacco flushed due to heavy pressure. Flacco tried to make throw on run and Hilton in great position forced wide throw that never had a chance.
11. 4th and 12: Watt good pressure forces Flacco to make throw. He throws into quadruple coverage trying to get camp between the short/medium coverage and deep coverage. Flacco lofts ball to try and get it over coverage and then Shazier just makes a nonsense of that notion with a sick leap and deflection. Hilton accepts gift: ball game. If Flacco tosses ball any higher it would have been a pop fly any number of Steelers would've run under. Many where saying camp was open but Steelers had a DB (Wilcox) closing in from deep. It wasn't happening.

Overall: really happy with front 7. Butler needs to be more aggressive in coverage because unlike last season the pass rush is getting there. Having Tuitt back was huge. He and Heyward eviscerated interior line & even caused tackles fits on outside rushes.

Shazier was fantastic. I get some will always want him to wrap up better but the plays he made on all 3 turnovers were plays no other LBer makes and for that matter anyone.

Game ball easy: Shazier.
Honorable mentions: Heyward & Tuitt.
Rookie: dropped into coverage a ton. Didn't really get many opportunities to rush but was solid overall (excellent v run)and as noted even when he doesn't make tackle/sack his influence is key.

Author:  JackSplat58 [ Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Defensive notes on Ravens' drives

Thanks for your great work, Clan. I would pay for your newsletter.

Author:  pickarooney [ Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Defensive notes on Ravens' drives


Do you Wilcox was an improvement on Mitchell? Thanks for the write up!

Author:  Havoc [ Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Defensive notes on Ravens' drives

Thanks for that, clan

Good stuff

Author:  Orangesteel [ Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Defensive notes on Ravens' drives

Great stuff here clan.

Author:  steelclan [ Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Defensive notes on Ravens' drives

pickarooney wrote:

Do you Wilcox was an improvement on Mitchell? Thanks for the write up!

He badly whiffed two weeks in a row on big running plays & on Wallace drop on deep ball looked out of position. Outside of that he has been fine. I happen to like Mitchell it is Davis I've been truly concerned about and he was much better this week.

Author:  Jobus Rum [ Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Defensive notes on Ravens' drives

Good stuff Clan.
I think this front 7 is going to be awesome when working in unison. They may not have 1 or 2 guys rack up monster stats, but as a group should give opposing OCs nightmares.

Author:  bradshaw2ben [ Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Defensive notes on Ravens' drives

Thanks for the insights, clan

Author:  Strom Detmer [ Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Defensive notes on Ravens' drives

Great post greatly appreciated. That would be my headline for Clan's kick ass post if this reply were something that had headlines, and was specific to me and regarded my consciousness as some sort of civilized community of entities that all respond identically to SteelerFury posts and I am too old for waking and baking. I will never find my remote.

Author:  Jeemie [ Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:18 am ]
Post subject:  Great post greatly appreciated


You can change the response headline anytime you want.

Strom Detmer wrote:
Great post greatly appreciated. That would be my headline for Clan's kick ass post if this reply were something that had headlines, and was specific to me and regarded my consciousness as some sort of civilized community of entities that all respond identically to SteelerFury posts and I am too old for waking and baking. I will never find my remote.

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