Thanks Chucky!!!
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Author:  Scunge [ Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Thanks Chucky!!!

...and no I don't mean Chukky Okobi.

I mean Chucky from the Raiders, as in Gruden. He looks over his roster and finds himself with a number of high priced vets that have all seen better days. His team is sitting nice with cap space, but can free up a lot more by jettisoning the Sean Smiths, Pattersons, Lynchs, etc. He could significantly boost the money to where they could trade for some players. And he has such an ego that he might feel that he can really get the most out of whoever is brought in via trade.

I trade Leveon Bell AND Martavis Bryant to the Raiders.

In return they swap their 2nd round pick for our 2nd round pick, give us their 3rd round pick and an early 6th round pick. That may seem ridiculous to most but I don't want to wait for comp picks for Bell and Bryant. Deal them now and get those picks for the 2018 draft, turn those picks into players that will be with this team, with Ben, for the next 3 seasons. If Bell and Bryant are kept they will only be with this team for just this season and then be gone in 2019 and then you have to wait until 2020 to get any comp picks. Why wait? Get the value now.

1st round (pick 28) SS, Ronnie Harrison, Alabama - I think they finally address the safety position with a first round pick, and Harrison will be the choice. As I see it many of his glaring weaknesses can be fixed with further coaching. With Davis being moved to FS, and operating the back end, Harrison can be like that Adrian Wilson type of SS who can play the run, blitz and cover short areas.

2nd round (pick 41/42 depending on coin toss) RB Ronald Jones, USC - Randy Fitchner once coached at Memphis as the OC and had this RB named DeAngelo Williams. With Jones I see Fitchner smiling as he gets a suitable replacement for Bell with more homerun capability, with more speed and explosiveness, in essence a young DeAngelo Williams. Nothing wrong with a RB group of Jones, Connor and say another smaller 3rd down back/return man.

3rd round (pick 73/74 depending on coin toss) ILB, Darius Leonard, South Carolina St. - I have liked this guy from early on, Javon Hargrave's former team mate and won the MEAC defensive player two years in the row after Javon did that feat as well. I am hoping he slides to the early part of this 3rd round. I tend to disagree with most that are somehow magically looking for a classic thumper who can stuff the run and be great in coverage. This is a passing league now and that has to be emphasized when you are drafting an ILB. I will take an ILB who is great in coverage and average against the run, than vice versa.

3rd round WR, Anthony Miller, Memphis - Even if we hadn't traded Bryant, the team only has 2 WRs under contract for 2019, Brown and JuJu. Again, Randy Fitchner is smiling as the Steelers provide him with a WR that he has to know pretty well if he has any sort of connections left in Memphis. Very productive, elusive, a sort of return to the Steeler type of WR that Colbert used to mine in the draft but has gotten away from lately. The past few years he has been drafting bigger, taller WRs and going away from the smaller Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders types. He may be long gone by this point in the draft but I feel he will slip like JuJu did because of the yeah buts. Yeah, but he isn't tall enough, yeah but he isn't this or that. All I know is that he reminds me of Brown and Sanders when they were in college.

5th round SS/ILB/OLB hybrid, Skai Moore, South Carolina, This is thinking outside of the box a little. Moore was a LB in college, but he has the size of a typical SS, 6'2" 220. A very talented LB in coverage, had 14 INTs. There are many that say he won't test well, or that he is too slow, not big enough, etc. Yeah, there are medicals that have to be checked but he has some of the best instincts in coverage and in playing the run, attacking the run, not being passive and waiting for it to come to him. Sure, he is too small to be a starting ILB, but in sub package schemes? A 6'2 220 pounder with 4.55 speed? His skill set and instincts make him perfect for that role.

5th round S/CB Natrell Jamerson, Wisconsin - A guy I like as a safety, a late bloomer, is physical, but also has some underrated athleticism, some return ability, has a TD on an INT and on a kick return. Sort of reminds me of a poor man's Micah Hyde. Is a great special teamer, probably can play on all of the units, gunner, jammer as well as being a return man. I double dipped in the 5th round, grabbing a safety and ILB hybrid.

6th round OLB James Hearns Louisville - This guy is a bit of a polarizing player. He has talent as a pass rusher but will probably never be a starting OLB, just has deficiencies against the run. In a way he reminds me of Carl Lawson. A straight-line edge rusher who has talent but does not have that classic ability to bend or set the edge against the run. But again, just because a player does not tick all of the boxes does not mean he can't be a great addition. 15 sacks and 9 forced fumbles the past two seasons. Also has some minor character issues but hey it is the 6th round what do you want?

7th round QB Riley Ferguson, Memphis - Laundry Jones is only under contract for this season and it would be nice to find another QB to develop along with Dobbs. Yeah, maybe he doesn't make the 53 man roster but will be stashed on the practice squad. He has some arm talent but needs to add weight and strength to his body. Ferguson and Miller were pretty good together at Memphis and again, Fitchner probably has some inside info on both. I am of the mind that you have to infuse talent at various positions on a fairly constant basis. Many might see this as a waste, someone you can get as an UDFA, but I disagree.

7th round NT, Joshua Frazier, Alabama - This late the Steelers select a backup player at Alabama that Karl Dunbar is familiar with and maybe he makes the team as the replacement for Dan McCullers.

You may say that it is unrealistic that the Steelers trade away Bell and Bryant but I think the one thing that is NOT unrealistic is that the Steelers draft will probably be closer to mine in terms of being more well balanced. These mocks I see where all of the picks are used for DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE are way too unrealistic. The offense still needs some loving and some additions. I expect more JuJu type of BPA offensive picks in this draft.

Author:  Scunge [ Fri Apr 27, 2018 7:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Thanks Chucky!!!


Well I got some of this mock right so far, sort of...

They did trade Bryant to the Raiders and we did get a 3rd round pick.

They did draft a big safety that fits that profile of a hybrid who can play SS, FS, ILB, even a Will 4-3 OLB if they wanted to go that way in Edmunds.

Interesting to see how much more I get right.

Author:  Ice [ Sat Apr 28, 2018 2:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Thanks Chucky!!!

So, you called the Martavis Bryant trade and got nothing else right. Congratulations.

Author:  cop1211 [ Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Thanks Chucky!!!

Ice wrote:
So, you called the Martavis Bryant trade and got nothing else right. Congratulations.


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