The Cocaine Kings of the Pittsburgh Pirates
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Author:  COR-TEN [ Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:00 am ]
Post subject:  The Cocaine Kings of the Pittsburgh Pirates

First it's Doc Ellis and his LSD induced no hitter, then the steroid pumped steelers of the 70's. Now this. Not to be outdone, MB, Santonio Holmes, and LeVeon Bell say hello.

This story is an excerpt from The Pittsburgh Cocaine Seven, now out in paperback. ... h-pirates/

Koch says that the players, mostly Scurry and shortstop Dale Berra, began to call him prior to games to ask if he could pick some blow up from Shiffman and bring it down to the ballpark. Shiffman purchased the cocaine from various locals. He cut the coke, not to increase the weight but rather to replace the cocaine he was taking out for his own personal consumption. Shiffman says his motivation wasn’t to make money; it was to get his party favors without having to pay for them. He figured he was not only scoring free coke but also greatly expanding his social circle, now filled with local sports figures. He could have hardly asked for more.

Ed Koch was the Pittsburgh Pirate mascot. Not to be confused with the Koch brothers, Ed Koch, or . . .

Among the “cokes” are Kenneth, the poet, and Bill, the Nordic-skiing star from Vermont, whose father, Frederick, in 1985, amid his frustration over getting called “kotch” during Ed’s term, had his last name legally changed to Coke-Is-It. (When the Coca-Cola Company sued, he was listed in court documents as “It, Coke Is.”) Sam Koch, the Baltimore Ravens punter, is a “cook” (as any Sam should prefer). So was Tom, the Mad writer. Pietro Koch, a particularly brutal Italian Fascist feared even by Mussolini, was a “cock.”
From : ... ch-blunder

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