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Author:  steel [ Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ryan Reaves

Louis Lipps Service wrote:
As much as it pains me to agree with Mark Madden, he pretty much nailed it in his article. If I were to be mad at this trade, it'd be more for giving up the 1st rounder than losing Sundqvist. That's not to say I am mad about that, just that I value the pick more than Sundqvist, even knowing that it's the 31st pick. But more to Madden's point, Pittsburgh fans have a lot of what I've coined "Derek Moye Syndrome" where they seem to love building no-name players up to be more than are...or ever will be. And I think there's a good bit of that in the outrage for losing Sundqvist. I think he could have stepped in and been an OK 3rd or 4th line center, but to pretend he was some irreplaceable prodigy isn't something I agree with. And I think that even if he were still on the roster, GMJR would have still been looking to sign/resign two centers for those #3 and #4 center spots.

Those moaning because Oskar Sundqvist got traded probably don’t remember Angelo Esposito and Kasperi Kapanen. Not many do.

Fans like to fancy themselves as “hardcore,” and thus pretend they know more about a guy like Sundqvist than they really do. That goes for some media, too.

How many times did these “hardcore” types see Sundqvist play?

The outrage is knee-jerk, and exists to make said nimrods feel like experts.

But they’re not.

Sundqvist was a third-round pick. At 23, he’s not yet an NHL regular. Consider what Jake Guentzel, also a third-round pick, has done at 22.

The Penguins sustained a ton of injuries last year, but Sundqvist played just 10 regular-season games and none in the playoffs. Carter Rowney, a mediocre talent at best, was preferred in the postseason.

The Penguins traded Sundqvist, not Steve Yzerman.

GM Jim Rutherford feels that targeting Sidney Crosby has accelerated, and especially did so during the playoffs.

Ryan Reaves can play a regular shift at fourth-line right wing in the postseason. He’s a better skater and player than Rowney. St. Louis played 11 playoff games, and Reaves participated in every one.

Reaves doesn’t fight a ton: Only six times this past season. But he’s big, he can skate, and he can hit. Reaves ranked tenth in the NHL with 239 hits.

Reaves is a solid fourth-liner, and a good fit for the Penguins.

Read more: ... z4l8oha0k5

good article -- Pretty much the consensus view of (most) on the board here (except for at least one numbskull)

Author:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:50 am ]
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Can't help but think somebody said this was coming?

Remember the possession killing offensive ineptitude of the later years of Craig Adams and Chris Kunitz? Remember how, with the expulsion of Kunitz, the Penguins would be getting rid of all the dead weight?Don't worry, they have Ryan Reaves now

CF% rel

Fenwick (EV)

if you love 8 minutes of that every night, while ignoring the fact that he's been a negative player his whole career despite that, good for you! If you love it at the price it came at, even better! I surely love the leeching of draft picks for no reason and the signing of veteran bottom 6 forwards that do nothing to help the team win. Cause that worked so well under Bylsma/Shero.

33 GP 1 goal 2 assist 3 points -6 +/-
average time on ice: 6:44
4th line scoring isn't important? Oh, you mean it is for the Penguins? It's their identity? Tom Kuhnackl 7 points in 36 playoff games the last two years. Cullen 15 points in 49 playoff games the last two years. "Cullen took some penalty killing minutes and was able to go up and down the lineup! Unfair!" A diverse, versatile player as a 4th liner who isn't glued to 1 position?!?! Crazy, right?

33 GP 1 goal 2 assist 3 points -6 +/- ... urth-line/

Now for some bonus retard dumb steel quotes! The 57-year-old braindead yinzer gets cucked by me yet again!

dumbasses like Hacksaw are playing checkers while JR is playing chess

That's why fucking idiots like him don't get the trade

good article -- Pretty much the consensus view of (most) on the board here (except for at least one numbskull)

Jeemie doing his best steel impression
Man you have fallen on hard times.

Even the dig on steel doesn't rescue this from being one of your dumber posts.

Didn't know being 100% again was hard times. Get fucked!

Back to the super genius!

I'm sure most of ya'll were scrambling to Google "Ryan Reaves" or "I miss Fleury's smile" after this trade was announced, or in the case of Jeemie "original thought", and you're clearly experts now, but this guy is Tanner Glass 2.0. He's a step back from what made this team special. I witnessed the fall of a potential dynasty after the back-to-back cup appearances against Detroit. Yes, this is a small deal in theory, but it could prove quite large in nature. I'm going to reserve ultimate judgement and see what Rutherford does. I hope to god he has a plan. It's a change in philosophy from everything that made Pittsburgh successful these two seasons. It blows dick like retard steel.

Hunwick + Reaves = 4 Million dollars of Shero moves.

For the bonus! In case you missed my great post on this subject in late November!! Here's your education!

For years, Shero would put in retreads, never-was players, usually on premium contracts into the bottom 6, thinking they'd make a difference. It wasn't until the youth movement in 15-16 that Pittsburgh finally realized it could win with rookie deal players who worked well together and were strong in 1-2 specific areas. Reaves was the start of a move back to Shero level of thinking. Sheahan was another addition to that. It's a vicious cycle. You need AHL guys who want to win to come up. You don't trust those AHL guys. Draft picks get traded for these crappy vets. They block the AHL guys and prevent more from being drafted. If disaster strikes, you have to lean on your late round/undrafted scrubs like Carter Rowney instead of hot prospect Y, who was the result of the high-round draft position you traded for a player like Ryan Reaves. Nothing good happens. The end.

I think it was Mr. Craig Adams himself, the innovator of worn-out welcomes and bottom six black holes, who said a bottom 6 should be rotated out every 2 years or so to keep it fresh. This past offseason was when guys like Carl Hagelin needed to be sent packing for picks or the help at center the team so desperately needed. Hagelin was a prime candidate for this as he provided not much to the cup run and was mostly injured, had an albatross of a contract for a cap team, and had a suitable stopgap who could produce similarly in Josh Archibald. Instead, the Penguins kept Hagelin, lost both of their bottom 6 centers, and he's contributed 1 even strength point and mostly has been the invisible man. He's starting more in the defensive zone and his possession numbers have dropped off because of it.


When you replace Cullen and Bonino with McKegg and Ryan fuckin Sheahan, life sucks. Sidney Crosby is burned out. The last thing he needs to do is take a defensive zone draw. So you want McKegg and Ryan fuckin Sheahan to take them instead of Nick Bonino and Matt Cullen. What matchups are teams playing against Pittsburgh? First and second line. The Penguins can't force matchup disadvantages with a 4th line that's combined to score less than Matt Cullen alone all of last season. You combine that with the defensive albatross of S-C-G, and you have games where you have 10 goals and 7 goals against. SCG wasn't even scoring at the pace they were before, which compounds the issues.

I can't help but wonder what money Reaves and Sheahan will be burning in the pockets of JR's future plans, especially when I HOPE he tries to fix this fucking mess at the trade deadline. Do ya'll have confidence in a bottom six that has combined for a total of 23 even strength points in 143 combined games? What are vanilla Riley Sheahan and shit brick Ryan Reaves contributing to this? Hagelin? Rowney? Kuhnackl?

This team is dead in the water because it just doesn't care. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. It's early. Letang is finding his legs. He sucks donkey dick right now. Maybe they're saving themselves for the playoffs? I've never seen a team just absolutely bleed goals like this one does. It's disgusting. The league is catching up to the Penguins with their young, speedy rookies. Boston's young guys were on display yesterday. Scoring is up in the league because of this, and I imagine the reduction in goalie pads has had a net positive. Pittsburgh's response was to get slower and have less talent in the bottom 6.

Klim Kostin, the winger selected by the Blues with the pick used for Ryan Reaves, has 9 points in 17 AHL games as an 18 year old.

Author:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan [ Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ryan Reaves

39 GP 1 G 2 A -8
Has not registered a point in 23 games.

Author:  Jeemie [ Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ryan Reaves

Yeah, well I thought they’d get at least one of Bonino or Cullen to come back.

My bad.

Author:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan [ Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ryan Reaves

Jeemie wrote:
Yeah, well I thought they’d get at least one of Bonino or Cullen to come back.

My bad.

In what world does a negative, 4th line fodder slug become something else with Matt Cullen or Nick Bonino?

one of your dumber posts.


Josh Archibald has 1 G 1 A in FOUR games with the Arizona Coyotes. One more point and he ties Reaves' total. I know who I'd rather have on the 4th line.

Author:  Donnie Brasco [ Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ryan Reaves

My thoughts on archi are well known here :)

And I've always said that you can have ONE OF kuhn or Reaves on a line, never both. Bones /Cullen/Sid couldn't squeeze any offensive zone time with these two plugs as wingers

Pisses me off that Simon got sent down. I'm not saying these guys like archi and Simon and sprong are going to save the season, but those are the guys who are the identity that has made the pens so successful the past 2 years... Speed... Puck possession. Not kuhn and Reaves who kill any offense

Author:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan [ Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ryan Reaves

Ryan Reaves played an incredible 4:04 tonight against the Red Wings. Surprisingly, he was not out there for a goal against.

Author:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan [ Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ryan Reaves

Isnt it amazing how a team can look good when the bottom 6 scores?

Author:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan [ Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ryan Reaves

That's why fucking idiots like him don't get the trade

Ryan Reaves is playing over hyped prospect Daniel Sprong, who is a healthy scratch again.

48 GP
2 G 3 A 5 P
- 7 +/-

CF% 47.8
CF% rel -5.0
Fenwick -3.8

Author:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan [ Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ryan Reaves

Accomplishments of Ryan Reaves' 31st birthday game @ the San Jose Sharks (1/20/18):

- 4:43 ice time
- 2nd period intermission interview
-1 award for Subway Sandwich of the Game
-0 Goals
-0 Assists

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