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 Post subject: ESPN's new OMB corrects the Deflategate Record
PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:15 pm 
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But still calls the NE fans whiny bitches ... -coverage/

It’s taken over 13 months and millions of rounds of ammo fired between Patriots Nation and ESPN, but finally, at long last, they’ve put their ombudsman up to the task of explaining why the World Wide Leader has engaged in a protracted and relentless smear campaign against the best team in the most important sport they cover.

It’s a long piece, and most of it goes over well-trodden ground, so I won’t excerpt much of it. But essentially what Jim Brady does is admit ESPN got some facts wrong, gave the appearance they were going after Pats fans on social media and confess they did a piss-poor job correcting the record. Personally, I’d call that lying, trolling and covering up, but we’ll agree to disagree on that.

Finally though, he reaches the conclusion that, essentially, New Englanders are a bunch of paranoid apes and his bosses did nothing wrong. And, not surprisingly, they agree with him:

It should be noted that it’s not ESPN’s job to make Patriots fans — or any other fan base — happy. The network can and should report fairly and objectively on every team and let the chips fall where they may. But, in the case of Deflategate, the lack of transparency and accountability made it much harder to judge the journalism on its merits. …

“The bottom line is it’s been our lack of transparency and accountability with the Mortensen report that’s been our biggest mistake in the reporting of Deflategate,” said an ESPN editor involved in some of the coverage. “In my opinion, ESPN does not have an institutional bias against the Patriots. It was just editors — in most cases well-intentioned — making hasty decisions.”

So there you have it. ESPN might have colluded with people inside the NFL to spread lies about the Patriots. It may have let Chris Mortensen leave his grossly inaccurate tweet sit there for months and still to this day have his original article on their site uncorrected. Sure, they let Kelly Naqi go on the air to spread a total lie and then make no mention of what happened to her afterward. OK, so they twice reported the fiction about the non-existent Rams walk-hrough tape and only after Patriots fans blew their stacks apologized in the middle of the night when no one was watching. Fine, so someone from the league handed Stephen A. Smith the story about Tom Brady “destroying” his phone. Of course they employ the only two legal analysts on TV who predict Brady will lose every time he goes to court. And of course they signed off on that hatchet piece about all the other cheating allegations against the Patriots within hours of Brady getting exonerated by a federal judge.

But that’s not a concerted effort to make the Patriots out to be cheating, conniving, lying frauds. It’s a “lack of transparency and accountability. Gotcha.

Maybe the next time Jim Brady — that avowed Jets fan who finishes the column admitting he roots for the Patriots to lose every week — get around to addressing Deflategate, say in April of 2017, he can explain why his own network’s coverage was so slanted and obviously spoon-fed to them by people conducting a witch hunt, that his bosses had to address it. ESPN had to issue an internal memo telling employees to get their facts straight for once:

With the next hearing in the ongoing Deflategate case involving the New England Patriots scheduled for March 3, we want to ensure that reporting on issues surrounding the team are expressly accurate.

Patriots fans are curious why, if ESPN isn’t biased against the Patriots, it’s necessary to remind its own reporters to report the actual truth. Especially after all this time. You get back to us on that, Jim Brady. And if you’re looking for us, we’ll be where we’ve been for the last year, holding ESPN accountable and Defending the Wall.

espn article here: ... ansparency


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