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Author:  BethlehemSteel [ Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Goodell State of the League Transcript - Quotes ... -analysis/ It was a Boston Media Mafia hate storm

Goodell took to the podium today in his yearly State of The League address. With Robert and Jonathan Kraft sitting front row it was unlike past years as there were no talking points it was an introduction than they went right to the floor for questioning by the media.

This press conference was not good for the NFL as it made them look terrible with 90% of the questions being negative. It was not a good day for Roger Goodell and the NFL. You could tell he was ready for Boston reports to question him on Deflategate but when international reporters started to ask questions too he was very unprepared and could tell did not want to answer them.

We will run straight down the line here he opened it up and then said the Patriots will be playing the Raiders in Mexico City next season. The Patriots will the away team. The Date and Time will not be released until April.

After that, the next highlight was Goodell and the Patriots. Goodell said his relationship with the Patriots is not strained at all and that it would and that it would “not be awkward” to deal with the Patriots.

Then came the question of why Goodell was not in Foxboro for the Divisional Round game and/or the AFC Championship Game both in New England. Goodell said “I was in Boston two seasons ago for two consecutive playoff games. It happens.”

I don’t know I think it only happens when you suspend a star Quarterback for four games for something you cannot prove.

But then it gets worse this is where we get Goodell in a lie. Goodell said, “if I’m invited to Foxboro, I’ll come.” This is a 100% lie how do we know this? Because Kraft was asked this question a couple of weeks ago, and he said: “You do not invite the commissioner to a game” he just says he is coming.

So apparently, Goodell wants Kraft to run out and buy him a card at Hallmark inviting him to an AFC Championship game at Gillette Stadium as he just doesn’t want to show up even though he runs the league.

Josh Hall of 7 News Tweeted after the press conference that he asked Robert and Jonathan Kraft if they invited Goodell to the AFC Championship game. Neither of them would comment.

After talking about Goodell not being at the AFC Championship game he was hit with another hard question about Deflategate by CSNNE’s Tom E. Curran. Who did a quick fact check before asking his question saying that the 2nd circuit courts did not uphold Brady’s suspension decision but they did uphold you power to give the suspension.

Roger did respond to that by saying “If you look at the 2nd circuit court… there were compelling if not overwhelming facts”. Well, guess what that is also a lie as the 2nd Circuit case on Brady was not a factual determination and was not supposed to be. but per Goodell, it is.

After that Tom E. Curran got his real question in asking Goodell about the lack of public trust. Goodell really has no answer as he was still confused over the first part of the questions he rambled for a little but at the end of the day, he said a bunch of nonsense that had nothing to do with it.

But of course, he would not get three hard questions in a row as the NFL PR representatives picked the NFL play 60 kid to get a question in. This was just a cheap pop to make him look good. She was even sure to say “thank you” for starting the play 60 program like he is a big hero.

After that, they went on to talk about the flow of the game and how to make it more smooth. Goodell said the league is considering doing replay reviews on a surface tablet to speed up games. He said the league is also thinking of having a play clock between extra points and kickoffs to keep things moving.

After that he went on and talked about Thursday Night Football and if they would continue to do it. Goodell said “Thursday night football is something we’re committed to… We see our fans reacting positively to that.” I just want to know who responded positively to Thursday Night Football because everyone I talk to hates it with a passion. It is never on the same channel and all the games are blowouts. So, I would like to see these survey results as I have a feeling that is false.

Goodell even touched on the ongoing story of the popular sports blog Barstool Sports not being credentialed into the Super Bowl or any NFL event. Goodell responded to the question by saying “We have pretty open arms when it comes to accepting media to come to the Super Bowl.” Which is false they pick and choose whoever they want to go.

Also, another good part of that question was the NFL being labeled as the No Fun League. Goodell for some reason must be living under a rock as he said: “I’m not familiar with this…I’ll take your word for it.” There is no way he is not familiar with the NFL being labeled as the No Fun League everybody knows this.

And one of the final questions was has Goodell talked with Brady this year? Goodell takes the easy way out and says “I never talk about who I have conversations with or when I have conversations with players.”

All and all it was a very eventful press conference as Roger Goodell Looked very uncomfortable the whole time and we even got to catch him in a couple of lies. One positive though he only used the word “integrity” twice well talking.

Author:  BethlehemSteel [ Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:28 pm ]
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