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Author:  Kodiak [ Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AFCN round up

R S wrote:
I sense some frustration with Tomlin finally surfacing. The sign of the apocalypse?

They'll win the SB this year and then everyone will have to shut-up until a few years after Ben retires. :D

Author:  Jeemie [ Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AFCN round up

R S wrote:
I sense some frustration with Tomlin finally surfacing. The sign of the apocalypse?

I've always held him accountable.

I think any attempts to absolve him of accountability by citing things like "It's a collective decision-making process" put Tomlin in a WORSE light than simply holding him accountable.

Author:  Old School Steeler [ Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AFCN round up

Like to see Kizer beat balt today and Thomas stone Judon Bowser. Quality city that Baltimore. Bike share program just shut down permanently, most of the bikes were stolen.

Author:  steelclan [ Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AFCN round up

Browns v Rats.

Man this was frustrating watch. Browns moved ball all over the field but bad pens and some mind boggling turnovers handed Rats an easy win.

Turnovers for Browns: 5.

4 Ints and 1 fumble.

The first was a fumble. Kizer held the ball way the fuck to long he could've dumped it off to RB, ran or thrown it away. He kept holding it and Suggs after 6 sec or so stripped him and Rats recovered and had short drive for 1st TD.

The second was a frustrating Int. Browns driving had 3rd and 5 at Balt 24 yard line. Kizer had Duke Johnson open in the flat with only a slightly out of position Weddle between him and 1st down. Kizer made a horrible throw Johnson lunged at and deflected for Weddle to make a good play on diving Int. This highlights why I believe Kizer is fool's gold he can look good for a few series then gift other team a turnover on a simple throw.

The third...Rats missed long FG set up Browns nicely down 7 at midfield. Browns began moving the ball then of course the stupid began to roll: false start followed by Hogan (in for Kizer) on the run with numerous options to throw to...fires on right into triple coverage gifting Ravens another Int. Rats promptly scored right before half.

The fourth and the game clincher. Browns drive inside Rats 5 yard line then try as daft a Qb draw as I've see since Arians circa Jags 07 playoffs: 4 yard loss. Then on 2nd down Britt beats Webb on drag route in end zone all Kizer has to do is lead him and it is an easy 6. He throws ball so far behind WR he almost threw it directly to Webb. Yet another gift turnover. Anyone sensing a theme here?

The fifth with an outside shot of getting back into it Browns begin driving again. Kizer rolls out of pocket with time and open receiver right in front of him for easy first: Britt who'd beaten Jimmy Smith but oh no Kizer decides to go down field into double prizes for guessing what happened next.

Ok rookies:

Kizer was absolutely atrocious, missed open receivers all over the field and as noted above his turnover spree was almost 100% of his own doing.
Peppers had a decent ball game.
Njoku was ok but had a bad drop

Hump: played 3 snaps in coverage one of which his man stood and did nothing, other pass rush took care of things and 3rd Kizer made a poor throw on open receiver underneath which he had to reach back for and Hump made tackle for short gain
Bowser: he had a sack...he can thank Suggs for. Bowser was blocked well up the arc by RT and Suggs rush forced Hogan to step up in pocket and right into Bowser. On Int he was beneficiary of Hogan drilling ball into triple coverage. Outside of those 2 plays the RT dominated him, he didn't get close once and often TEs handled him fairly easily. This is why I constantly tell folks you need to watch all the snaps and not make judgments on a few plays. Bowser frankly looked ugh.
Williams: had some really good rushes especially at the end of game when it looked like Thomas was exhausted but fair is fair Williams ended game with a great edge rush that beat Thomas easily.

Judon not a rookie but saw someone was interested: he looked every bit as poor if not worse than Bowser. He put on weight in off season and explosive step he had as a rookie off the edge has all but disappeared.

Yanda walked off the field so I was surprised when news came back of him having fracture. As I watched a ton of AFCN football I have seen Yanda a fair bit. He is the best OG in football and has been for some time. His pass pro is just unreal and his run blocking isn't far behind. No way Ravens can replace him or come close. This is a massive loss. That line will get a huge test next week when it has to deal with Malik Jackson if he is in the mood.

Brandon Williams also got hurt not sure how serious it is.

Overall: have to say despite big time pressure and having fuck all outside of Maclin and ancient Ben Watson to throw to Flacco had a very good game.

The best player for Rats though was Suggs. He really makes that D go.

Other notes:
Weddle has lost a step. He got beat badly a few times in coverage, he was never the fastest but now he looks slower.
20 for Browns is really good young CB. Shut Wallace and Perriman the fuck down. They barely registered.
Perriman looks more clueless than Sammy Coates. Dropped a pass and then did a milk carton for rest of game.
Jefferson can bring the lumber but he isn't great in coverage.
Moseley is having a great start to season. Doesn't have Shazier's explosion but makes all the little plays and rarely misses a tackle.
Ogbah had a really nice game.
Ronnie Stanley has been poor back to back weeks. He missed a bunch of pre/camp so maybe rusty but 44 beat him badly 3-4 times round the edge.
Hogan looked better than Kizer surprised Browns didn't stick with him.

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