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 Post subject: Re: Around the NFL
PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:08 pm 

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BethlehemSteel wrote:
And we are relegated to the battle of ego clown show

For Geeelookatmeeee

I was wrong. Not about the games being a "presentation of the National Football League" and everything that goes along with that statement. No, I was wrong in not completely grasping how much the NFL mimics the WWE. In pro wrestling, the ultimate heel is Vince McMahon. In the NFL, the biggest heel is Commissioner Roger Goodell. Nothing got the hardcore fans and sportswriters slapping their hands together like a bunch of trained seals more than seeing Goodell get his comeuppance with a New England Patriots win led by Tom Brady.

And immediately after the historic comeback that made that victory possible, Goodell gets on the podium and is not just met with an constant, ear-splitting "boo" by the fans but he is instantly trolled by Patriots owner Robert Kraft, feeding into the sentiment pulsating through the stadium. Kraft and Goodell are buddies. Kraft may be Goodell's biggest supporter inside the league. And he's the one who instantly calls out Goodell over the Deflategate "scandal" which suspended Brady for the first four games of the season? You don't think that's all part of the show? That's the culmination of the show! And it's only once I saw that happen that I understood why I got the outcome of this game so wrong.

Take a look at this:
Win probability: still embarrassing the field of statistics in 2017.
— SportsPickle (@sportspickle) February 6, 2017
While this tweet (rightfully) mocked the "statistic" of win probability during the Super Bowl, it failed to take into account one important detail--the Super Bowl wasn't a real game. If it was a true sport, well, those numbers were accurate. The Patriots were finished, toasted and roasted. But this is the NFL, part of the entertainment industry, and here miracle comebacks are all part of the show.
Because if this game was real, why did the Falcons do any of the following?

Up 28-3, they only called running plays five more times for the remainder of the game.
Up by 16 in the fourth quarter, averaging 6+ yards a carry (when they did run the ball), and after running on the first two downs to make it 3rd-and-1, Matt Ryan fades back not for a quick strike pass, but a long pass play. He stands statuesque in the pocket and is promptly blindsided, sacked, and fumbles.

Then when up only 8 and after a spectacular catch by Julio Jones (which may have been an attempted interception on Ryan's part given the stupidity of the throw in the first place), the Falcons had the ball on the Patriots' 22-yard line with three minutes left in the game. They were three runs and a field goal attempt away from sealing the team's first-ever Super Bowl championship. So what do they do? First down is a run (good start) for -1 yards. Still right there for a field goal. Second down is a pass (!), yet Ryan is sacked (doesn't bother to throw the ball away). Still, a long field goal attempt is possible. So on third down, the Falcons attempt another pass. This leads to an offensive holding call which makes it 3rd-and-33 and knocks out the possibility of any field goal attempt. The second attempt at third down is a complete bust, and know how it ended from there.
Even Marshawn Lynch--you remember, the guy the Seahawks should've given the ball to when their Super Bowl vs. the Patriots was on the line--managed to say of these moves:

I kno y I didn't get the ball now. Yes Lawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Shawn Lynch (@MoneyLynch) February 6, 2017

So twice now the Patriots won a Super Bowl not because their opponents weren out-coached, but because they did the dumb thing: pass when anyone with a brain would hand the ball off.
Funny, too, that the refs were very hands off in the playoffs, and from outward appearance, stayed that way in the Super Bowl (13 penalties for the game--only 4 of which were called against the Patriots). Yet it's not necessarily what's called, but when it's flagged that really matters. Like that previously mentioned holding call late in the 4th quarter against the Falcons. A backbreaker if ever there was one. Or like when in the second quarter as the Patriots were being pummeled the refs handed Brady and Co. three straight first downs on 3rd down because of "defensive holding." These calls were clearly made to keep that drive alive and keep the Patriots in contention.
And what about the non-calls? The plays that should've been flagged but magically were not? Such as the game-tying 2-point conversion attempt. Might there have been a big of premature blocking/interference on the Patriots on that play? Sure, they flagged the Falcons for being offsides, but an off-setting call would have put pressure back on the Patriots. But why ruin a good thing, right?
I could break this game down further, but why bother? You (probably) saw it for yourself. Plenty of football fans on Twitter seemed to think the game was a bit shady, that it might have been too much of a production. But it made for great TV--and the Super Bowl is the most watched TV production now, year in and year out. Plus, the Super Bowl's wild finish silenced all those naysayers who criticized the NFL's ratings and their "boring" playoffs leading up to this point. The league ended it's season with a true bang, one that will ring out over its remaining history (however long that may be). What more do fans want? What more entertainment can the league provide?
Remember, it's only a game. The meaning placed upon it is up to you, and you alone

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Refs aren't perfect, they can make bad calls/fail to call legit penalties all on their own without it being a conspiracy. Coaches aren't perfect. They can do ill-advised things all on their own without it being a conspiracy. And the part I really disagree with is this business of how I hate Goodell so much I was happy when Brady won and gave him his comeuppance. Um.....NO. I hate Brady far more than Roger and wanted him to suffer a huge super bowl loss.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."


 Post subject: Re: Around the NFL
PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:57 am 

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bradshaw2ben wrote:
SteelDrama wrote:
Lot of Tak hate around here during draft season. Crazy bastard brings it every snap.

And yes living in Atlanta the new stadium is literally all that's talked about. Never seen a town kiss a mans ass like they do Arthur Blank down here. $2 hot dogs. Whoop Dee do Basel

Looks like a different player completely than on tape or at combine. Looks great. Had to have been hurt. Had to.

Oy no he doesn't at all. McKinley has been meh at best so far. Folks are getting into this syndrome of seeing 1/2 good snaps and projecting it to rest of the game. McKinley looks like a rookie who has a ways to go. I've bothered to pay attention to his snaps because obviously he will be compared to Watt. Right now there isn't much of a comparison. Watt looks a far better player.

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