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 Post subject: Re: Coaching Flaw
PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 1:06 pm 
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W&M_Steeler wrote:
Jeemie wrote:
Old School Steeler wrote:
Cowher anticipated League bullshit when Troy made spectacular pic in Indy. He prepared them, had them ready to deal with league screwing us out of possession. He kept them focused and ready for the outcome.

Tomlin did no such thing. They should have prepared for league fuckery and applied what if. They didn't, they assumed call would stand, didn't prepare. We saw shots of JJ on sideline. Precious time being lost. Should have had plays ready. Instead panic and lack of leadership lost a winnable pivotal game.

The league also assumed, assumed the ball hit the turf, assumed JJs hand or fingers were not under the ball. If they were under ball is allowed to move, possession was not lost to the ground.

Tomlin failed in a very big spot. After 10 years he's still deficient.

I'm bitter over the play, but I am pretty sure it hit the turf. I see no way that it didn't.

Even if it did (and I agree with you that it did), it shouldn't matter. By the time JJ reached across the goal line, he had already caught the ball and survived through the ground (his knees and hip hit the ground). He then reached across, and the ball came out upon after his secondary impact with the ground (his elbow hitting). JJ was only able to reach with the ball because he had already caught it. Even the NFL SVP of Officiating Al Riveron said that Ben "complet[ed] a pass to James" in the explanation he put out on Twitter justifying the reversal. With that in mind, I don't agree that the NFL is properly interpreting its rule.

Between this call and the mystery interception against the Ravens earlier in the season that kept the Ravens alive in a game on the verge of approaching a blow out (also after a review), I have no confidence in the integrity of the NFL review process. I don't trust the input from New York.

They’ve been including the reach as part of the “going to the ground” from the beginning of the rule.

So they’ve been misinterpreting it from the beginning.

This is what happens when you replace common sense with a hard and fast rule.

You think the rule makes everything clearer...actually it doesn’t.

We’ve been playing football for a hundred years on many levels. No one ever had a problem understanding what a catch was. Then a couple of tricky exceptions to this understanding pop up and the NFL...and NFL alone (this rule exists in no other organized football league)...thinks we need a new rule.

I mean...what James did is most analagous to what Cooks did against Houston that WAS ruled a TD. He landed with two feet in the EZ and then jumped. They correct;y ruled the jump as happening AFTER he had completed the process of the catch and making contact with the ground.

James...the same thing. His knee touched down...he pushed OFF his knee to reach into the EZ.

“A set of several simple rules leads to complex, intelligent behavior. While a set of complex rules often leads to dumb and primitive behavior.”

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